LouderVoice Launches Dedicated Social Reviews for Facebook

By Conor O'Neill | March 6, 2012

As the first company to do Social Reviews on Twitter, way back in 2007, we have finally given in to all the (many!) demands for a Facebook-only solution.

All of our Packages have had a powerful Facebook component since 2009 but this Package enables small businesses, who may not even have their own web-site, to show and solicit customer reviews on their Facebook Page.

Many of the businesses who have contacted us had previously used the old built-in Facebook reviews App. Whilst it was pretty awful, it worked, and they miss it! So we love being the company to put a smile back on their faces.

For a few cents a day you not only get a Reviews Tab on Facebook but also access to our powerful review management back-end.

And we are absolutely beaming to see that our Customer Reviews Tab gets pride of place in the new Timeline for Facebook Pages.

Of course, customers write their reviews on Facebook too and the Package is fully localised to French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and (imminently) German. You get Likes on every review and you can display your response to any review too.

You can try the system out here, it only takes 2 minutes and a few clicks to setup.

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