French restaurant delights with live LouderVoice customer reviews on iPad

By Catherine O'Neill | November 6, 2012

We always strongly encourage our clients to request reviews using every channel available to them, particularly if the bulk of their business is not online. This can be done using receipts, invoices, compliment slips, phone calls or, in the case of our latest restaurant client in France, using an iPad!

This is simply a superb idea by l’Auberge des Trois Pucelles near Grenoble and our partners Thierry André FOUCHER and WSI Belledonne Digital Strategies. They have an iPad at the cash-register with their reviews page pre-loaded in the browser. As customers wait to complete payment, staff members ask if they’d like to leave a review. A few moments later that review is live on their site and on their Facebook Page too.

This is a perfect example of a business that has a seamless view of online and face-to-face when it comes to customer service and marketing. Online for them is not an afterthought, it’s fully integrated into everything they do.

Whilst reviews of restaurants have been around since the earliest days of the web, many in the hospitality industry have been slow to embrace them. It has been a real vindication of everything we have done in the reviews space to see that changing over the past 12 months.

Our partner network understands that, whilst reviews on Third Party hubs like TripAdvisor, Google+, FourSquare and Yelp are important, it is just as important for businesses to have them on their own sites. And that’s where LouderVoice comes to the fore. Our partners have extremely cost-effective LouderVoice solutions available for the hospitality industry which can be added to any site with a minimum of effort. And they all work on the iPad too!

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